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As blogging is taking our learning forward in such an exciting way at our school, we have now brought all of our class blogs together under one network and with a sparkly new address – westwoodblogs.org.

Please point your mouse towards lotus.westwoodblogs.org to see this blog at it’s new home and continue to share our journey with us. Happy blogging!


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Did you Know ghosts are definetely real because when I went to logleat a man told me that there is a ghost called Alice you sits in the drawing room kicking her legs on the chair and one day a little boy named Jack got scared by her.

To prove it there was a leaflet about it.

Alice is nearly 100 years old!

Has this made you feal scared? Well if you don’t believe me go to longleat and you will beleive me!


The good friend!

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chapter one

Once apon a time there lived a girl called Mazy. Mazy was a good person who always helped a friend in need!

Mazy was brilliant at maths and english but not as good at science but she still worked hard on it.

The best thing about mazy was that she was a princess! Every day she would get breakfast in bed and she would get approximatley 1oo presents for both christmas and birthday(lucky).

chapter two

One evenimng there was a knock on the brown and rusty castle doors. Mazy thought it was here dad coming back from work but suprisingly it was a little boy who always went round trick or treating at halloween! That boy was called Ryan. Suddenly a thought struck Mazy’s mind! It was halloween, so Mazy got her shoes and socks on and went outside to do some trick or treating together!Luckily Mazy told her mum and dad so they knew what she was doing because her mum and dad always worried about things even though they lived in a very relaxing castle.

chapter three

When they got to their friend molly’s house they gave out some yummy sweets for them to eat whilst watching a scary film about ghosts!

After watching the film they played in the cellar that had lot’s of spiders in (ahhhh).

chapter four

Finally, after a night of fun Ryan and Mazy went back home. Amazingly they both lived in the same village so they could see eachother more often and play things like tennis, football, badmington, basketball, netball and much, much more!

Soon Tess had a roast dinner for tea and it was scrumptious. She got tucked up in her cosy, royal, comfy and 4-poster bed, her mum read her a very nice dog story about a girl who was a crazy dog lover. Her mum gave her a big, warm, and cosy hug (sounds nice doesn’t it ?)

chapter five

Something – in the morning after a lovely sleep- had woken Mazy up. It was a beautiful rainbow. So Mazy got up out of bed to tell her mum that she was going to play near the rainbow. Mazy got her wellies, coat and gloves on -because it was a cold day- and went charging out of the front door to play near the rainbow. Just for a second Mazy thoght saw a ghost but it was her best friend Ruby so she ran off to find her, before she could reach Ruby she over a rock but she was fine so she carried on running.

Finally she reached Ruby.

chapter six

When they see eachother they always have a great time and have adventures so this time they were going to have one too. The two best ages it seemed like days!

chapter seven

After a long walkthey suddenly realised that they had walked completly through the rainbow into a different world that seemed like a magical world just made for them!

Soon Mazy and Ruby could see green mountains and chocolate rivers in the corners of their eyes (sounds cool!) They ran up the hillls and did roley-poleys until they were as tired as snails!

chapter eight

They had a great time together and had a lifetime of fun!When they got to the rivers they bent down and drank  some of the melted chocolate that was dribbling down into the distance of the magical land. Happily they skipped through the fairy forest and saw some fairies fluttering around in the fresh air.

chapter nine

Suddenly a bear walked up to them and said “please may you look after me because I’ve lost my mother in the forest and I am really worried about her?”” I am 5 years old and my name is Barny the bear but you can call me Barny for short”.

chapter ten

What would the two girls do with the bear to make him happy? next chapter coming soon.

by Sasha


In 2 sport!

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All week I have been doing an activity called in 2 sport!

It is were you do street dance, footy, dodge ball, tennis, hide and seek , go on the fusion boards, one of the good things is that you get to watch a film at break and lunch and much, much more!

Every day someone would get a meddle for good behaviour and good things, I got one for being good at foot ball. Someone would get a trophy at the end of the week for good behaviour as well. My cousin Tia came to.

The curious bear.

October 30th, 2014 | Posted by Izobel in Learning - (2 Comments)

Once a very long time ago there lived a little curious bear. The little bear was six and he lived with his Mother in a dark cave. On his birthday he picked his favourite food, apples. He loved  to eat apples because  they were red and he liked the colour . One day he went to pick some apples . When he had got there the apples were green! He was very curious to see that they were a different colour . When he had got back to his cave he told his Mother. His Mother said never mind dear you can pick some next week.But the little bear sobbed on his bed because he wanted to have a red apple but he couldn’t have one. Then his Mother found him sobbing on his bed. Then his Mother said why are you sobbing. The little bear said I want an apple but I can’t. Then his Mother said you silly little bear apples can come in two colours , red and green. Even though red apples are delicious green are tasty to. Now the little bear was no longer curios about the colour of apples.

The End.

The adventures of Tess and Bekky

October 27th, 2014 | Posted by Sasha in Fun Stuff - (3 Comments)

Once apon a time there lived a girl called Tess, Tess was a kind person who always helped a friend in need. The good thing about Tess was that she loved having adventures but sometimes she got lost e.g one day she went to the woods and got lost so was late for her yummy tea.

So one day her best friend Bekky came round to play, and Tess said “shall we go on an adventure today?”

” yes I think we should because it is amazingly fun!”said Bekky

After chatting about having fun they set off into the woods that were full of fun things to do like climbe trees, play in the leaves, pick beautiful flowers, see wild animals and much, much more.It seemed as if it lead them into a magical world.

chapter 2

Soon after they had been walking through the woods for ages they could see a little hut hiding in camouflage, it almost seemed like a burrow that was covered in gloopy moss that the birds liked to eat.

chapter 3

After haveing been looking at the hut for ages they saw a little lady like a witch come out of the hut and she said “hello my name is Hazel, Hazel witch.”

“I am a nice witch who looks after wild animals when they are poorly like wolves, snakes, squirells and more lovely animals.”

“can we come in and see your home” said Bekky .

“of course you can my dears” said Hazel.

Hazel’s house was wooden, relaxing, low down and steamy however it was very cold outside because it was winter. Shs offered the two girls an apple each and Tess made a joke of it being a poisonous one because of the story of sleeping beauty!

The girls saw a wind chime attatched to the hut’s door, the reason why it was there was because the witch made wooden carvings that looked really pretty, that’s how she got her money because she was very poor however she was still very kind!

chapter 4


After that they said a big goodby because they had to go for tea, however they said they would come back soon to see eachother again.

On the way back Tess climbed a tree because she was bored just walking aloing the path, whilst she was climbing sh saw a beautiful squirell who was looking for a nut, sadly the nut fell off the branch so the squirrel went leaping for it.

chapter 5

Soon they got back from the walk and dinner was ready, it was cottagr pie withy peas and carrots! It filled  them up so they didn’t need anymore. They went up into Tess’ room and played dressing up and more but after there was a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig bang that scared them, what was it?………….

next chapter coming soon!                               by Sasha

The yummy yummy cake sale

October 27th, 2014 | Posted by Izobel in Learning - (2 Comments)

On saturday  my mummy made lots of yummy cakes for a cake sale in Corsham. It was a lot of fun and exciting. I ate two cookies and a cupcake.

The Carnival!!!!!!!!

October 27th, 2014 | Posted by Ellie in Learning - (4 Comments)

Last  night I went to the Warminster Carnival

with Mummy,Daddy , Lily and Lucy.

We saw lots of Carnivia floats it  was very loud but great fun.

I saw also the Major Wrecks – they were men dressed up as ladies!!!!!!!!!! Once Mummy told me about them, I knew what they where and I laughed lots and lots.

Daddy bought me a horse bloon and a light twirl.

The best Carnivial  float was a our house in the street.

By Ellie .

Seeing Jemima

October 27th, 2014 | Posted by Sasha in Fun Stuff - (2 Comments)

Yesterday(october 24th friday I saw Jemima, she is one of my best friends who has moved school to the Paragon in Bath because her um and dad thought it was good for her.

We played  the piano, we went out on the trampoline in pyjamas, played the game jumping pixies were you have to get wooden balls in the holes, did dressing up, played with her dolls house and lot’s more!

After a long play and fun we had lunch, it was pizza and cucumber. After lunch we went to the lounge to play twister but it was a halloween version.

Jemima has a gigantic house with amazing things because her mum and dad have allot of money!

She has a little brother who kept interrupting us.

It was really nice because her dad put the fire on that kept us warm.

After even more fun my um came to pick me up.

The magic rose

October 25th, 2014 | Posted by Izobel in Learning - (7 Comments)

Once there lived a wise old wizard.The old wizard lived in a spooky castle that had a big,old cauldron and spider webs everywhere. one day the old wizard stomped away in the forest because he didn’t have the last thing he needed for one of his magic spells. The ingredient he wanted was a magic rose. Then he saw something glimmering hidden under leaves in a bush.It was the magic rose.The reason why he wanted the magic rose is because there were people living near the wizard and they were unhappy so the wizard wanted to make them happy.Now the wizard had got the rose he happily skipped back to his spooky castle. After he had made the potion he put it in a bottle and he sprayed it everywhere. Then he looked around. Everything was silent and everyone was happy. The End.


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